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History of the Book of Micah offers a large variety of legal forms including a temporary guardianship form and a legal name change form for adults and minors.

A man that was raised in the country, Micah was called to be a prophet. He had to deliver a harsh message of judgment to the people and princes of Jerusalem. This prophetic message was aimed mostly at the people who used their social or political power for personal gain. Micah is divided into three sections. The first focused on the prediction of judgment and what punishment and retribution would take place. The second section focused on the prediction of restoration and the promises of the coming Kingdom, the coming captivities and the coming King. The last section focuses on a plea for repentance from God and if they would repent the promise of final salvation. This book was written between 735 B.C. and 710 B.C.
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Dear Heavenly Father,
As this dear person reads through this online Bible site of the Book of Micah, we ask that Your presence be upon them to teach them what You desire them to know. May Your Words come alive to them as they draw close to You in this time of reading Your Word in Micah of the Old Testament.
In Jesus' Precious Name,